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Turnaround Time 

The Turnaround Time Module provides laboratories with the tools to monitor operational performance and identify any performance issues on an hourly basis. Detailed reporting offers answers to performance questions in minutes, not days or weeks, ensuring key service commitments are being met and laboratories never have a problem go undetected. Access to this type of reporting offers continuous visibility into day-to-day issues, providing the opportunity to manage the laboratory effectively while tracking and improving operational performance.

Proven Performance

Visiun clients report dramatic and immediate improvements in performance and quality upon implementation. These include up to a 50% reduction in turnaround times, a 70-100% reduction in outliers, and significant improvements in quality.


  • Sophisticated analytics engine designed for the lab
  • Ability to track performance across the entire value stream from order through to verify and call back – and all the points in between
  • Rich reporting presents multiple data series to show when processes are not working and facilitates root cause analysis
  • Full details are provided directly into Excel for any tests outside your target allowing you to easily pinpoint any areas of concern


  • We make the hard things simple: eliminating add-on tests, eliminating tests with data entry errors, counting activity other than tests, and much more. (Patents pending)
  • Quickly identify if an issue is pre-analytical, in-lab, or post-analytical. E.g. – Is the ER really getting tests to the lab as fast as they think?
  • Makes identifying performance problems both faster and simpler
  • Allows you to see if issues come from the same Techs, same patient locations, same workstations, etc. – helps get to the root cause quickly.