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Lab Solutions

Flexible Integration


Enabling optimized lab success with compatibility, efficiency and flexibility

For maximum flexibility, Visiun offers two deployment models: SQLite and SQL Server. Discover the right fit for your lab.



Prioritize set-up and storage efficiency with a single, encrypted file. 

SQ Lite is a server-less database engine. This model allows deployment with simply a laptop, a local hard drive or a shared folder in your network. 

Deployment advantages:

  • Simple deployment: No server set up required, meaning fewer IT burdens
  • Flexible file actions: Move or copy database file with ease

SQL Server

Safeguard privacy and performance with a secure server. 

SQL keeps data on a server in your network, ensuring information stays within your organization. This model requires IT assistance, as Visiun provides the schema and works with your team to deploy. 

Deployment advantages: 

  • Greater capacity
  • Hands-on access and control: Access control polices, backups and capacity planning managed by your IT team
  • Individualized set-up: Enable set up on the infrastructure of your choice


Experience with a broad set of systems, including:

  • Cerner Millenium
  • Epic Beaker
  • McKesson Horizon Lab
  • Sunquest Laboratory
  • SCC SoftLab
  • Meditech
  • All Major Third-Party Blood Bank and AP Systems