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Created by lab managers, for lab managers.

Visiun’s roots began in 2010 with laboratory consulting, offering consulting services with a focus on benchmarking, Lean and process improvement. Founded on the principles of Lean Six Sigma, Visiun understands the subtle aspects of laboratory data, measurement and analytics. Over the years, we've developed and refined a set of easy-to-use tools and processes to help you forge a clear path to improving lab operations.

Today, Visiun is the leading provider of performance analytics to the laboratory industry. We help busy laboratory teams deliver improvements in performance, efficiency and quality with our comprehensive suite of analytics.

Backed by experts

With hundreds of years of combined experience in healthcare and information technology, as well as recognized expertise in research and analytical services, we developed a range of analytics covering different areas of the laboratory, many of which are unique in the industry.

See why hundreds of the leading laboratories across the United States and Canada select Visiun as the tool of choice for laboratory analytics.

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