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The Outreach Module helps the laboratory manager monitor, maintain, manage, and grow their laboratory outreach programs. Prove to yourself and your clients that you are meeting your commitments and know before your clients when you are not. Significant decreases or increases in test volume are tracked, allowing laboratory marketing staff to respond proactively to potential loss of business.


  • Measures proportion of client testing completed by target time and identifies delayed deliveries or technical problems that caused a delay through exception reports
  • Tracks changes in activity (test and requisitions) and estimated revenues by clients or for an outreach program as a whole
  • Clients can be added to report distributions
  • Shows which tests certain clients are ordering most frequently


  • Alerts you (and optionally your clients) to how well you do based on when specimens are delivered to the lab. This can help optimize delivery times
  • Know immediately when your clients are moving their business elsewhere so you can act proactively
  • Your clients will appreciate the fact that you are on top of measuring commitments and that you provide transparency in your performance
  • Target marketing based on what clients are ordering and what they are not ordering